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victory_gardens - relevant Anderson Shelter 2m wide x 3m...

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VICTORY GARDENS During World War 2, a garden was a useful thing to have. Because of rationing, food was in short supply. Flowers grown for  decoration were replaced by vegetables that could provide extra food for the family.  Your job is to draw up a plan of your Victory Garden.  You have to dig up the grass and make your garden do some work!  Your garden is 10m by 14m.  You must have paths 1 metre wide between all the different areas in your garden. In your garden you will need: Size Amount of wood needed * (if 
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Unformatted text preview: relevant) Anderson Shelter 2m wide x 3m long Vegetable allotment As large a space as possible Fruit trees Each tree needs 6 sq metres Compost Heap * 1m x 2m Greenhouse 1.8m wide x 2.5m long Chicken coop * 1 sq metre per chicken Rabbit hutches * (can be built up like a block of flats, to a maximum of 3 storeys) 0.5 sq metre per rabbit If you finish your plan, use books to research which vegetables you would grow, and put them on your plan in the vegetable allotment....
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