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Medium term plan : Autumn 1:2006 World War Two Week/ Lesson Objective: Activity(with differentiation): Resources/ Vocabulary Assessment points and methods: 1 To understand what was Britain like in the 1930s. To understand when did World War 2 started and why. Intro – Reiterate with children what exactly we mean when we say history? Discuss how long ago something needs to be to be a part of history. (It is ok for the children to disagree about this, as long as no very strange answers!) Explain that we will be looking at Britain from the 1930s, look at time line to see how long ago that is. Activity 1 Give out pictures of people and objects that were about in the 1930s. What do they notice about what people are wearing, what the houses look like etc. Give children time to discuss this in groups. Gather back together and discuss what they have noticed. As a class begin to try and make a similarity and differences table on the board, comparing now to then MAC children to continue this independently. If too tricky, could do as whole class discussion/use pictures. Could have a class discussion about whether they would rather live then or now? Activity 2 – Explain that lots of the work we will do will look at a very important event from this era, who knows what it is? Once established, use time line to illustrate when it was. In very basic forms, using an atlas, explain about Hitler invading Poland and that we had to help them. Do not become involved with how and why with Lower KS2. Brainstorm on the board, all the things that children know about World War 2 and discuss. All children to record in books. Then the children are to work in groups to come up with some questions that they would like to find out the answers to. Work with SEN on this. Plenary – Ask the children to tell you one thing that is the same about life now and in the 1930s and one thing that it different. Ask them to explain when WWII started. Ask some children to share with you what they would like to find out. Timeline Websites (see below) Atlas Pictures of Hitler World War II Invade Similarities Differences Hitler Can the children distinguish between life then and now? (Teacher observation/work in books) Do the children understand the concept of World War II (teacher discussion)
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2 To learn about bombing raids on Britain (Blitz) To understand how people protected themselves. Introduction – Explain that we will look at today what happened to people in Britain when the war was on and we are starting on bombing. Listen to the sound of the air raid shelter (website) Activity 1 – What do the children think this sound is? Explain that it was used to alert people that bombers were on their way. What did the people have to do when they heard the sound? Discuss and show map of the places that were bombed, discuss why they think it was these places in particular. Record on map. Explain that everyone would go to a shelter, show examples of the shelters. Also discuss
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WWII_mtp - Medium term plan Week Lesson 1 Objective To...

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