Animation_Unit_Plan - Teacher: Yaron Overeem Room: 3 Class...

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Teacher: Yaron Overeem Room: 3 Class Level: 5-6 Theme: Animation Unit Yaron Overeem
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Yaron Overeem Key Competencies Thinking  Participating and Contributing             Self–Management  Making meaning  Relating to others   Context Or BIG Question We are learning to identify a variety of animation techniques, so that we can produce an animated movie trailer. Knowledge Dimensions Factual – What are the facts about this  topic? Conceptual What theories ideas or  concepts need to be known about this topic? Procedural What techniques/ methods  are required? Metacognitive What personal thinking is required about  learning? Factual Knowledge Terminology Details Elements -What is animation? -What is claymation? -History of animation. Conceptual Knowledge Classification Categorization   Principles Theories Structures Cultural  Understandings -Story boarding - Story/plot construction Procedural Knowledge How-to skills Techniques Methods How to produce a  -How to produce a flip book  animation -How to produce a claymation. -How to use a Digital Camera. -How to use animation  software. Metacognitive Knowledge Strategic, Contextual Self   knowledge -why animation is used in the  entertainment industry. Higher Order Thinking Deep Understanding Deep Knowledge Deep Understandings: (SLOs) Children will ... (Behavioural and  measurable outcomes) Refer to Thinking skills  p20 - Innovative Teachers Companion 1. Students will demonstrate the persistence of vision concept to explain how still images become animation. 2. Students create original clay animation trailer promoting their movie script, and share them with peers, parents, and the community Significant Questions to be answered: (children’s and teachers) Student Direction Problem Based Learning Teacher’s Questions to be answered
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Animation_Unit_Plan - Teacher: Yaron Overeem Room: 3 Class...

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