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ICT Lesson BAMFORD PRIMARY SCHOOL ICT – Manipulating Sound Unit 3B SHORT / MEDIUM TERM PLANNING SHEET TEACHER: LH, AP,MK CLASS:6, 7, 8 DATE: WB. 08/01/07 Subject Time Level Pitch LESSON OBJECTIVES ( What knowledge, skills and understanding will the children learn during the lesson?) ACTIVITIES & DIFFERENTIATION (WHAT WILL THE CHILDREN DO?) PUPILS WHO HAVE EXCEEDED LEARNING OBJECTIVES PUPILS WHO HAVE NOT ACHIEVED LEARNING OBJECTIVES Manipuling Sound Unit 3B Lesson 1 0f 5 3/4 To understand that ICT can be used to select and control sounds. To know how to use a simple software program to record sounds Key Vocabulary Music Box Tempo Bpm Record Play pause INTRODUCTION AND MAIN ACTIVITY Introduction: Find  out how  many  children  already  play  instruments  and  which  ones  they  play.   Explain  to them  that in this  unit they  will be  exploring  different  musical  ideas  by  using  ICT  and  other  methods. Briefly  introduce  them  to the  musical   software  Music  Box  2 and  explain  that they  will be  using  this  software,  to compos e ,  collect  and  com municate  their  musical  ideas. Open  daydrea m  music  program,  select  Timbre  and  go  through  the  poster  clicking  on  the  first section  and  playing  the  instruments  shown  to identify Timbre. Show  the  children  the  ‘Musical  Cards’.  Explain  that these  cards  show  the  pictures  of various  instruments  whose  sounds  are  repres e nted  on  an  electronic   keyboard.  Play  the  sound  on  Music  box  or  keyboard  and  see  if chn  can  identify them.  Encourag e  them  to listen  carefully  to the  quality of sounds  (timbre)  and   describe  them  using  a  musical  and  expres sive  vocabulary.   (V,A) Main Go back to the daydream Music and select chart Tempo, ask chn what they think Tempo means and then go through the chart selecting each different speed to show chn and give the correct name for each speed. (V) Show the chn Music Box 2> sound box. Click on each picture so chn can hear the sounds, click on the piano picture at the bottom and go up, ask what is happening to the sound? Establish the sound is going higher. Show the tempo section and how you can set that at different speed. Demonstrate what chn are to do. Click on the red circle which means record, the tempo will begin at the set speed (this cannot be changed until recording stopped) Explain the red circle means record, click on some random pictures, then press red square (stop) Then click on the green arrow to play back what has just been recorded. (V,A) Task Chn  are  to try and  make  a  simple  tune,  they  are  to choos e  five  notes,  e.g.  piano,  piano,  volin,  duck,  recorder.  Chn  can  change  tempo  or  have  it high  or  low (K) Plenary: Ask  a  few  chn  to play  their  recorded  tune,  explaining  what notes  they  chose  and  what they  did  to improve  their tune.  
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3b_manipulatingsound - ICT Lesson BAMFORD PRIMARY SCHOOL...

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