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   Belfield CP School Belfield CP School Medium Term Plan Medium Term Plan Subject: ICT Term: Spring 2 Year: Two Topic: Routes: Controlling a floor  turtle Teacher: Mrs Helen Crompton SoW Week Learning  Objectives Pupil Activities Assessment  Evidence Resources Key  Vocabulary EAL Cross- Curr.Links Unit 2D 1 Be able to use the appropriate keys to make the floor turtle go forward, backward, left and right by using instructions such as F1, Right 90° etc Discuss prior knowledge of the basic functions, forward = F. backwards = B. R90 Discuss prediction – not a guess, what do they know to help them predict. (That it moves the distance of itself) Predict how many moves forward / backwards it takes to get onto or close to the red floor spot. Test some of the predictions. Then place the three shops on the floor in close proximity to the Roamer. Pupils have to fill in a chart to predict what instructions the Roamer will need to get to the shops. (Should need no Q&A notes, completed task, observation notes. Teaching Assistant Floor Spot. Blank charts Floor Turtle, instructions, commands. Oracy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Lit. 3, 6. Numeracy
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more than three simple instructions.) Test some of the predictions. Using the red cross on the floor, so you know where the Roamer started from, to replace the Roamer back on the spot before testing another prediction. Discuss as a group how this form of technology which follows instructions can be used e.g. Mars Rover, bomb disposal services. How can this type of technology be used? How could this technology be used to look at other planets, when it is not safe for humans? What is used to look at bombs, is it safe
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HC_2D_mediumplan - Belfield CP School Medium Term Plan...

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