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Unformatted text preview: act Sheet – Year 6 F (Login in to Robolab Online first) Focus: To examine the various icons used in ROBOLAB and learning their functions (Pilot 3 and 4 icons). Complete the table and print. Please include your name and class! Icon Name (Choose) Description of function (Hover over web icon) 1 Increase in Light       2 Increase in Light       3 Increase in Light       4 Increase in Light       5 Increase in Light       6 Increase in Light       7 Increase in Light       8 Increase in Light       9 Increase in Light       Name:       Class:       When you have completed the exercise please ‘Save As’ – ‘ Robolab3’ and print a copy of your work having included your name and class. Now you can move onto ‘Pilot’s 3 and 4’ and ‘Activity 2’. ...
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