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Parts_of_the_Internet - 6 Newsgroups(Usenet A discussion...

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The Internet 2. E-mail (Electronic mail) A message sent from one computer to another computer. A document, picture, sound or video can be attached. 1. The World Wide Web (WWW, The Web, W3) A collection of pages (web sites) worldwide which are composed of text, graphics and sound. 4. Mailing Lists A discussion group that uses e- mail to communicate. 5. Video Conferencing Using video to talk over the Internet and see who you are talking to.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Newsgroups (Usenet) A discussion group that allows people with common interests to communicate with each other. 7. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Instantly hold ‘live’ conversations with people across the world by typing back and forth. 3. Intranet Uses the same technology as the Internet over a private or internal group of computers. 8. Multi-player games Play games against one or more opponents over the Internet....
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