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HC_2E_mediumplan - Belfield CP School Belfield Medium Term...

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Belfield CP School Belfield CP School Medium Term Plan Medium Term Plan Subject: ICT Term: Summer 2 Year: Two Topic: Questions and answers Teacher: Mrs Helen Crompton SoW / NC Week Learning Objectives Pupil Activities Assessment Evidence Resources Key Vocabulary EAL Cross- Curr.Links Unit 2E 1 Know that information can be represented as graphs but that this can only provide limited answers to questions. Tell the pupils that this topic is questions and answers. Ask the pupils to think when their birthday is. Make a list of questions with the pupils to ask about the birthdays, e.g. what month is it in? Is it before the 10 th ? Make a class pictogram of people with birthdays in each month of the year. Using small squares of paper. Ask the pupils to use the pictogram to answer some simple questions, e.g. How many have their birthday in May? Do more people have birthdays in March than February? Now ask the pupils more questions, e.g. When is ###’s Dad’s birthday? Does the pictogram or graph provide this information? Discuss. Celebrate chart produced by pupils. Q & A Putting their picture in the correct month. Teaching Assistant Squares of paper Birthday Question Sort Graph Information Oracy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12. Literacy 2, 3, 6, 8 Science Numeracy Art
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Hang in classroom. Unit 2E 2 Know that there are different types of questions which can be answered in different ways. Recap last weeks lesson and tell the pupils we will be looking further at questioning. Discuss with the pupils the kind of information that might be useful when looking at buying a new pet. Ask pupils to suggest questions to find out the information needed. Write the questions as a class on the white board. Select one of the questions and ask the pupils what types of answers they would expect. If the question is, Which type of animal would you like? They might suggest a few animals as the answer. Write down the answer. There could be a different answer for each person they consider. If the question is, Does this pet have spots? There can be two possible answers – yes or no. Tell the pupils that these are the types of questions that will be practiced over the next few activities. Play ‘Guess Who’ using coloured photographs of pupils in the class. (Taken for Science week 2 Summer 2.) Encourage pupils to ask simple questions, e.g. Is it a boy? In response to the answer, pupils turn over the photographs that do not comply. This process should be completed until only one photograph remains.
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HC_2E_mediumplan - Belfield CP School Belfield Medium Term...

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