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Unit 5B – Analysing data and asking questions – using complex searches Week/ Dat e Learning Objective Input Main Activity Plenary Resources Week One 12/01/06 Children will be reminded how to carry out simple searches in a database and how to present their findings in graphical form. Show children the datafile ‘Ourselves’ which contains children’s name, age, sex, address, method of transport to school, height, shoe size, hair colour, eye colour pets etc. Show children the data file and discuss with them how the data is organized, reminding them of the terms record, field, entry, and explaining any choices of keywords used (e.g. Male/Female for Gender Field) Explain to children that they are going to be using the ‘Ourselves’ datafile in the next ICT lesson. Today we are going to be searching a larger database – the internet. Demonstrate how to use a search engine – eg google. Clarify how to refine your search, pointing out how many results are found and the need to narrow your search. Set children an internet search ‘challenge’ which is a quiz sheet where they need to search the internet for the answers. Recap over
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unit5b_analysingdata_planning - ICT Planning Unit 5B...

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