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How to create a database using Information Magic 1. Open ‘Information Magic’  through ‘Curriculum  Resources’, from the  ‘Start’  Menu 2. Click on ‘simple file setup’, and then ‘make own file’. 3. Complete your Data file name, Author, File description, and Number of files 4. Complete the fields one by one: a) Name (words) b) Age (numbers) c) Gender (keywords) d) Hair colour (keywords) e) Eye colour (keywords) f) Favourite subject (keywords) g) Favourite sport (keywords)
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Unformatted text preview: h) How they travel to school (keywords) i) A question of your own choice 5. Click on RECORD on left toolbar to view one record 6. Click EDIT on the top toolbar, then EDIT FILE to edit the record 7. Input your data for your first record 8. Click EDIT on the top toolbar, then ADD RECORD 9. Continue this process, until you have input all of your data 10. To view all of your records, click on LIST on left toolbar....
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