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What is a database

What is a database - What is a database Two main uses...

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Unformatted text preview: What is a database? Two main uses: Storing information Sorting information What kind of information could we store in a database? store Patient information Telephone numbers Car registration plate owners Business clients Name and phone numbers of friends Parent’s contact information for children in a school Key words Key Each person’s information is separate and that is called a record e.g. Name – Jo Bloggs Address – 33 Wood Lane, Haworth Phone number – 0474792927484 What kind of things could we do with these records? with A search – this is called a query Example 1 – a child is ill at school – we need to find out if they have any medical conditions quickly Example 2 – we need to find who owns a car that has been caught speeding on the motorway How do you create a database? How First you need to decide which fields you want to use Name is a field Colour could also be field Then habitat could be our last field You could also have picture as a field Then what? Then In softease database we can use the wizard to create a database We want to create a new database Not based on another one Then we can select our fields Now we can add the information Now This is the symbol for a new record Once all the records have been added we can start a query query Click the button with a ? Choose which field to search And what you want to search for Finally Finally You can switch been two views: Form and Report What is the difference between them? ...
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