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Ben’s Burger Bar Burgers Burger  90c Che e s e  Burger   $1.10 Double  Deluxe  $1.60 Veggie  Burger  $1.00 Chips Regular  70c Large  90c Drinks Cola  60c Orange  50c Water  45c Ice Creams Vanilla 75c Strawberry  80c Double  Chocolate  85c Using the Ben’s Burger Bar menu above, decide on meal choices for you and some of your friends. Write them out in Excel as a table like the one below. Name
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Unformatted text preview: Meal Choice Cost Drink Choice Icecream Icecream Choice Cost Charlie Cheeseburger 1.10 Orange 0.50 Vanilla 0.75 Jane Sue Add an extra column to the table and calculate the cost of each person’s meal. Now calculate the total cost for the meal. What happens if you change someone’s choices? Have you entered the formulae correctly so that all the totals needed change?...
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