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Belfield CP School Belfield CP School Medium Term Plan Medium Term Plan Subject: ICT Term: Autumn 2 Year: Two Topic: Creating Pictures Teacher: Mrs Helen Crompton SoW / NC Week Learning  Objectives Pupil Activities Assessment  Evidence Resources Key  Vocabulary EAL Cross- Curr.Links Unit 2B 1 Know that ICT can be used to create pictures key idea: that ICT makes it easy to correct mistakes and explore alternatives technique: to select and use simple mark making tools Explain to the pupils that we are going to use Microsoft paint package this half term. Show the class examples of pictures created by older children using ICT. Discuss some of the features of the pictures and discuss how they are different from pictures produced using traditional methods. Look at and discuss examples of bold woodcuts, which are often used to illustrate children’s books. Ask the class to consider how and why they might be effective for their purpose. Demonstrate how to select the brush and pen tools and how they can create different lines and textures. Show how the ‘undo’ command can fix a mistake or a mark that does not work. Ask the children to create their own ‘woodcuts’. Ask the class to compare their work with work created using traditional methods. TA IWB Laptops with Microsoft Paint Computer Interactive White Board Microsoft Paint Brush and pen tools Undo Oracy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12. Literac y 2, 3, 6, 8. Art
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Also get them to discuss the effectiveness of their work in relation to their purpose Unit 2B 2 technique: to use the flood fill tool to create highlights of colour technique: to use ‘save as’ Explain to the pupils that this week they will be using the fill tool to colour in a picture of Elmer. Group one – Red and Blue groups Half the class should traditionally colour the template of Elmer, using their choice of crayon, felt tip or pencil crayons. Group two – Orange and Green groups
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HC_2B_mediumplan - Belfield CP School Belfield Medium Term...

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