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ICT Lesson BAMFORD PRIMARY SCHOOL ICT – Combining Text and Graphics Unit 3A SHORT / MEDIUM TERM PLANNING SHEET TEACHER: LH, AP,MK CLASS:6, 7, 8 DATE: WB. 19/02/07 Subject Time Level Pitch LESSON OBJECTIVES ( What knowledge, skills and understanding will the children learn during the lesson?) ACTIVITIES & DIFFERENTIATION (WHAT WILL THE CHILDREN DO?) PUPILS WHO HAVE EXCEEDED LEARNING OBJECTIVES PUPILS WHO HAVE NOT ACHIEVED LEARNING OBJECTIVES Combining Text and Graphics Unit 3A Lesson 1 0f 6 3/4 To be able to alter font  type, size and colour for  emphasis and effect. To   know   how   to   use  features   such   as:   Word  Art, Border Art and Text  box in Word. Key Vocabulary font size/type/colour highlight select all frame copy paste insert align left align right centre re-size/scale graphics INTRODUCTION AND MAIN ACTIVITY Introduction: Show the children a range of different greetings cards on flipchart. Discuss the designs and point out elements, such as pictures, fonts, captions and messages.  Ask the children to decide which card, of a particular type was most appealing or appropriate for the occasion.   (V,A) Main Ask the children load Word and type their full name. Demonstrate how to edit the font by changing its size, type and colour, including bold and italic. Demonstrate how to use the Undo Tool reverse last action. Demonstrate using WordArt altering style and changing colour and font. Give the children time to practice their name using features shown .( K) Type in a number of words, eg ‘rainbow’, ‘grow’, ‘lean’, ‘high’, ‘low’, ‘stairs’ and ‘ghost’.   Ask the children to change the look of each word (7 words) so that it reflects its meaning, eg placing each letter of ‘rainbow’ in a different colour,  increasing the font size of each letter in ‘grow’.  (V,K) Give the children time to practice their name using features shown . Demonstrate to the chn how to insert borderart, and to add a textbox. Explain how to remove the line or to make it thicker or alter the colour.  (V,A) Chn should complete a page which includes the words which have fonts that reflect their meaning, which contains borderart and a text box with the chn’s names   in. (K) Plenary: Ask the children to discuss the effects they created and how they might use some of these effects in a card they design and produce. Did they discover any fonts that were not easy to read? What effect did changing the size of the font have? 
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3a_textandgraphics - ICT Lesson BAMFORD PRIMARY SCHOOL ICT...

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