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Belfield CP School Belfield CP School Medium Term Plan Medium Term Plan Subject: ICT  Term: Autumn 1 Year: Two Topic: Writing Stories Teacher: Mrs Helen Crompton SoW / NC Week Learning  Objectives Pupil Activities Assessment  Evidence Resources Key  Vocabulary EAL Cross- Curr.Links Unit 2A 1 Know how to execute the basic operations of the computer, turn on, log in, shut down, open / close a program. On the carpet area, explain what ICT is and what ICT equipment we have around the classroom, with rules to what can and cannot be used independently without checking first. Look at the Interactive White board, explain how it works, its name and again rules. Move the pupils to their desks two/three to a laptop. Explain quickly computer care basics drinks / food should not be near computers, not to put finger on computer screen. Discuss and teach how to Turn on the computer How to log on the computer That lap tops are slightly different and why Open a program Close a program During each activity pupils are to practice them on the laptops Observation TA Laptops IWB Computer Shut down Log in, My documents, program, Word. Oracy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12. Literacy 2, 3, 6, 8. Literacy
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Look at the desktop, can the pupils recognise anything that is on the desktop, go through what the main ones do then ask the pupils to open the program ‘Word’ ask again what do we use ‘Word’ for? Let the pupils have a go at typing their names in to the ‘Word’ depending on their ability, could also write a little more about themselves. Depending on ability the pupils could now be shown how to save their work in ’My Documents’ Demonstrate how to shut down correctly, tell the pupils to continue typing into ‘Word’ until a member of staff can be there to watch their group shut down correctly. Unit 2A 2 Recognise that there are differences between handwritten and word-processed text Know how to type in text, including spaces between words use full stops and to use the shift key. Show the children examples of work created by older children using a word processor. Ask the class to discuss how the work is different from handwritten work, eg it is easy to read, there are no spelling mistakes, the corrections cannot be seen, the author can’t be identified
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HC_2A_mediumplan - Belfield CP School Belfield Medium Term...

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