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Lesson 6 - Worksheet 7 Boadicea A long time ago there lived a King called Praustagus and a Queen called Boadicea.  They ruled  the Iceni tribe.  They had two daughters.  They wanted a son who they could leave their land to  when the King died. But the King died and they didn't have a son.  The Romans took away all their land and had  Boadicea whipped.   Boadicea and her people were very angry and decided to fight against the Romans.  They attacked  and killed everyone that lived in Colchester, London and St Albans.  They burnt the cities to the 
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Unformatted text preview: ground. The Romans weren't very happy and decided that they would fight back. A big battle started and the Roman army won. Boadicea escaped and poisoned herself before the Romans could catch her. Word Art Create a Text Box. Font is Comic Sans, size 14. Type the story. Fill Colour is Fill Effects; Gradient; Two Colours. Make a border. Insert Picture. Find picture in Pictures Folder. Create a Border....
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