ict_y4 - QCA links and additional skills Y4 4A: Writing for...

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QCA links and additional skills – Y4 4A: Writing for different audiences C hildr en learn that ICT c an b e  u s e d  to organis e, re organis e, d ev elop and e x plor e  ide a s, and   that working with infor m ation in this way c an aid und erstanding. It als o  give s  c hildren   opp ortunitie s  to dis cu s s  their e x p erien c e s  of u sing ICT and how it is u s e d  in the wid er world.  C hildr en will b e  a ble  to apply what they hav e  learnt in this unit wh en: identifying key points in  a story or a c c ount; writing a c c ounts in which d etails of c h ara ct er and a ction ar e  u s e d  to   inter e st the read er; u sing evid en c e  and e xa m pl e s  to s upp ort key points . N. C. Programmes of Study: 1b, 2a, 3b, 4c. Software suggested: Granada Writer – Granada Paw Prints – Black C at Textea s e  – S oftea s e MS Word – Micro s oft MS Publish er – Micro s oft Write Away – Black C at Integrated tasks with other Subjects: English year 4; D & T year 4; Citizenship Unit 7 Pupil Achievement: When I have learnt how to do all the above I will write about… on the computer and improve it to correct mistakes and make it interesting for my selected audience  to read. Special words: Font size, bold, copy, move, cut and paste, spellcheck, find and replace Suggested Activities: http://www.ictea ch ers.c o.uk/re s ourc e s/ict/itsch e m e ofwork.pdf http://www.wbol.co.uk/Activitie s/ActivityRe sults.a sp ? http://www.e-gfl.org/e-gfl/curriculu m/re s ourc e/ps s. cfm ? su bj e ct=ICT http://www.kented.org.uk/ngfl/literacy/y e ar3-4.html http://www.kented.org.uk/ngfl/webpub/ca s e-s ellindg e.html http://www.kented.org.uk/ngfl/literacy/ro s e a cr e.html http://www.standard s.dfe s.g ov.uk/sch e m e s 2/it/itx4a/?view=g et http://www.lgfl.n et/lgfl/lea s/gr e e nwich/ac c ounts/subj e cts/icttea m/we b/re s ourc e s/primary/Q CA % 2 0 s c h e m e % 2 0 of%20work/qca % 20y e ar % 204a/ http://eduwight.iow.gov.uk/curriculu m/cor e/ict/key stag e 2/Unit_4A_.a sp
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QCA links and additional skills – Y4 4B: Developing images using repeated patterns In this unit children learn to develop visual ideas and to realise these ideas using ICT. Children will need to use a computer graphics package to explore and experiment with ideas and will amend and modify their work to meet specific outcomes. They also learn to save their work as they go along. Children learn to use ICT tools appropriately and will select areas of an image to cut, copy and change. They learn to export their work to other packages and import images from sources such as clip art, scanner or digital camera. Children will apply what they have learnt in this unit when using ICT to produce pictures,
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ict_y4 - QCA links and additional skills Y4 4A: Writing for...

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