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crashing_computers - correct folder Just as they are...

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“My computer has crashed!!”    One of the most common causes of the dreaded frozen screen is impatience! Despite careful  modelling by us, there is still a tendency amongst the children to believe that old wives’ tale – the  more you press the button, the faster it will ‘open’!      Avoid the temptation to say, “you cannot select open 27 times!” they already have! Instead try a  bit of classroom simulation so that they can see exactly what it is that they are doing the  computer.    On a table have ready 4 pieces of paper labelled Dazzle, Textease, Imagine and Primary  Spreadsheet. (These can be changed to suit.) Ask one child to act as the computer, and another as  the user. When the child is asked to open dazzle, they start to go towards the table to select the 
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Unformatted text preview: correct folder. Just as they are nearing the table they are called back by the user who again asks for Dazzle. Off they go again, this time they reach the table, but just as they are reaching for the correct folder, they are called back again. This continues several times, to the point where the folder labelled Dazzle is actually picked up but put down again unopened. Tel the child who is trying to ‘open Dazzle’ that they may sit on the floor and sulk when they have had enough! This usually doesn’t take long and the effect is very similar to a frozen screen! Once you have carried out this simulation it is very easy to remind the children about why we DON’T press ‘open’ 27 times even though we CAN!...
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