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Tejas Patel Lectures 13+14 Outline 10/26/11 Colonization of Land I. Intro A) 440-410 mya, plants were first to colonize land; charophyte stonewart → common ancestor of plants B) plant characteristics: eukaryotic, multicelluar, photosynthetic, autotrophic II. Land Adaptations A) cuticle – waxy covering; stomata – tiny openings in surface of stems + leaves B) gametangia – multicelluar sex organs; layer of non-reproductive cells protect gametes 1. two types: 1) archegonium (female) – single egg; 2) antheridium (male) – many sperm III. Reproduction A) alternation of generations B) basic life cycle: gametophyte (n) → zygote → embryo → sporophyte (2n) → spores → gametophyte IV. Major Plant Groups A) Bryophytes: mosses, liverworts, hornwarts; nonvascular; 400-460 mya B) Seedless Vascular Plants: ferns, horsetails, club mosses; need H 2 O to reproduce; 420 mya C) Gymnosperms: “gymno”=naked, “sperma”=seed; seed plants; vascular; 360 mya D) Angiosperms: “angio”=container, “sperma”=seed; flowering plants; vascular; 130 mya
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