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Tejas Patel Lectures 17+18 Outline 11/9/11 Plant Nutrition I. Functions of Roots a. Anchor for plant in soil, absorption, storage II. Types a. Taproot one main root, fibrous root several roots that are all same size III. Root Anatomy and Primary Growth a. Apical meristem, root cap, area of cell elongation, area of maturation, root hair b. All roots have 3 main parts: 1) epidermis, 2) cortex, 3) vascular tissue IV. Root Cross Section of Herbaceous Eudicot a. Epidermis, cortex, endodermis, stele, xylem + phloem V. Water and Mineral Transport Into Plant a. Apoplast, symplast, plasmodesmata, aquaporins VI. Secondary Growth a. Increase in girth (width), occurs only in gymnosperms and woody eudicots b. Cork cambium, periderm, cork cells VII. Specialization of Roots a. Adventitious roots, prop roots, aerial roots, parasitic roots (haustoria),
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Unformatted text preview: pneumatophores Plant Transport I. Leaves a. Vascular tissue: vascular bundles = veins, xylem + phloem b. Eudicot vs. monocot: differences in blade, venation pattern, presence of petiole c. Modified leaves: spines, tendrils, bud scales, bulbs, succulent leaves II. Stems a. Functions: support, internal transport, produce new tissue b. External structure: bud, bud scales, node, internode, leaf scar, bundle scar, lenticle c. Internal structure (Eudicot): dermal tissue, ground tissue, vascular tissue d. Internal structure (Monocot): epidermis w/ cuticle, ground tissue, vascular bundles, monocot stems e. Secondary growth: vascular cambium, cork cambium III. Transport a. H 2 O potential (), root pressure, guttation, tension-cohesion model...
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