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Tejas Patel Lectures 19+20 Outline 11/16/11 Hormonal Control I. Intro A) Hormone: organic compound; chemical message stimulates some type of physiological response B) Animals: large, complex molecules; many different types C) Plants: small molecules; few types D) Hormonal balance E) Tropism – directional growth response that is produced by an environmental stimulus F) 6 major classes of plant hormones II. Auxin A) First plant hormone to be discovered (by Charles Darwin and his son) B) Auxin: group of hormones (natural and artificial); Indolacetic Acid (IAA) C) Functions: elongation of stems and coleoptiles, phototropism, fruit development, apical dominance D) Herbicides: 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T (compounds) III. Gibberellin A) All natural B) Promote stem elongation: stimulate cells to divide and elongate C) Seed germination: inhibition occurs D) Flowering: biennials – live two years E) Bolting F) Fruit development: spray on grapes, they grow larger IV. Cytokinins A) Cell division and cell differentiation
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