Active and Passive Transport

Active and Passive Transport - transport chemicals out of...

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Active and Passive Transport Passive transport requires no energy from the cell. Examples include the diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide, osmosis of water, and facilitated diffusion. Types of transport molecules Uniport transports one solute at a time. Symport transports the solute and a cotransported solute at the same time in the same direction. Antiport transports the solute in (or out) and the co-transported solute the opposite direction. One goes in the other goes out or vice-versa. Vesicle-mediated transport Vesicles and vacuoles that fuse with the cell membrane may be utilized to release or
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Unformatted text preview: transport chemicals out of the cell or to allow them to enter a cell. Exocytosis is the term applied when transport is out of the cell. Endocytosis is the case when a molecule causes the cell membrane to bulge inward, forming a vesicle.Phagocytosis is the type of endocytosis where an entire cell is engulfed. Pinocytosis is when the external fluid is engulfed. Receptor-mediated endocytosis occurs when the material to be transported binds to certain specific molecules in the membrane. Examples include the transport of insulin and cholesterol into animal cells....
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Active and Passive Transport - transport chemicals out of...

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