Animals2 - Triassic The major group of diapsids the...

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Animals The ancestors of modern turtles appeared during the Triassic. Whereas modern turtles have lost their teeth, these Triassic turtles retained teeth on their jaws. Another reptile group, the euryapsids, made the transition from land to sea during the Triassic. These swimming reptiles diverged into three groups during the Triassic: the ichthyosaurs (dolphin-shaped swimming reptiles), the placodonts (bulky, paddle- limbed reptiles that went extinct by the end of the Triassic), and the nothosaurs (streamlined, long-necked swimming predators). The diapsids, the "reptiles" except for turtles and a few extinct forms, rose to prominence during the latter Triassic times. Diapsids, you recall, have two openings in the skull behind the eye socket. While the diapsids had originated possibly as far back as the late Carboniferous, they did not become major elements of the fauna until the
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Unformatted text preview: Triassic. The major group of diapsids, the archosaurs (ruling reptiles) evolved in the later part of the Permian, and underwent a major adaptive radiation in the late Triassic. Today only the birds and crocodiles remain of the once dominant ruling reptile group. The first true crocodiles also appeared during the Triassic. Several other reptile groups, such as the Triassic phytosaurs, adapted to the environment that crocodiles lived in. Due to evolutionary convergence , these animals took on an outer semblance of crocodiles, even though there were numerous anatomical differences. The ancestral crocodiles fully occupied the phytosaur niche in the environment after the extinction of phytosaurs at the close of the Triassic....
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Animals2 - Triassic The major group of diapsids the...

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