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Characteristics of X

Characteristics of X - (non-reproductive cell during...

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Characteristics of X-linked Traits 1. Phenotypic expression more common in males 2. Sons cannot inherit the trait from their fathers, but daughters can. Sons inherit their Y chromosome from their father. Only a few genes have been identified on the Y chromosome, among them the testis- determining factor (TDF) that promotes development of the male phenotype. Barr bodies are interpreted as inactivated X chromosomes in mammalian females. Since females have two X chromosomes, the Lyon hypothesis suggests that one or the other X is inactivated in each somatic
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Unformatted text preview: (non-reproductive) cell during embryonic development. Cells mitotically produced from these embryonic cells likewise have the same inactivated X chromosome. Calico cats (sometimes called tortoiseshell) are almost always female since the calico trait is caused by some areas of the cat's fur expressing one allele and others expressing the other color. Can there be a male tortoiseshell cat? How would such a cat get its genes? Remember that fur color in cats is a sex-linked feature. Would the male calico be fertile or sterile?...
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