Chlorophyta - Chlorophyta, the "Green Algae" What...

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Chlorophyta, the "Green Algae" What I grew up referring to as the green algae is not a real taxonomic group: it is a paraphyletic group in need to separation. There seem to be two main lineages within the traditional green algae, and these may turn out to make good monophyletic groups in future systematic revisions of the green algae. Some of the traditional green algae should remain in the Chlorophyta, while others that are allied with plants should be removed to the Plant Kingdom. Pending such a revision, I will present the green algae as if they were in fact monophyletic, but with full realization they are not. Confused? Me too! Green algae have cellulose cell walls, both chlorophylls a and b , and store excess sugar as starch. Some mebers of this group have been considered the undoubted ancestors of plants. Not all members of this group are allied to the plants, however. Body types in the green algae include unicellular to colonial as well as simple multicelluar. We will examine several of these representative groups.
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Chlorophyta - Chlorophyta, the "Green Algae" What...

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