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Classification of Communities

Classification of Communities - the stringent environmental...

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Classification of Communities There are two basic categories of communities: terrestrial (land) and aquatic (water). These two basic types of community contain eight smaller units known as biomes . A biome is a large-scale category containing many communities of a similar nature, whose distribution is largely controlled by climate Terrestrial Biomes: tundra, grassland, desert, taiga, temperate forest, tropical forest. Terrestrial biome distribution is shown in Figure 1. Aquatic Biomes: marine, freshwater. Tundra and Desert The tundra and desert biomes occupy the most extreme environments, with little or no moisture and extremes of temperature acting as harsh selective agents on organisms that occupy these areas. These two biomes have the fewest numbers of species due to
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Unformatted text preview: the stringent environmental conditions. In other words, not everyone can live there due to the specialized adaptations required by the environment. Disturbance of a Community The basic effect of human activity on communities is community simplification , an overall reduction of species diversity. Agriculture is a purposeful human intervention in which we create a monoculture of a single favored (crop) species such as corn. Most of the agricultural species are derived from pioneering communities. Inadvertent human intervention can simplify communities and produce stressed communities that have fewer species as well as a superabundance of some species. Disturbances favor early successional (pioneer) species that can grow and reproduce rapidly....
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Classification of Communities - the stringent environmental...

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