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Connective Tissu1 - intracellular matrix Adipose tissue...

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Connective Tissue Connective tissue serves many purposes in the body: binding supporting protecting forming blood storing fats filling space Connective cells are separated from one another by a non-cellular matrix. The matrix may be solid (as in bone), soft (as in loose connective tissue), or liquid (as in blood). Two types of connective tissue are Loose Connective Tissue (LCT) and Fibrous Connective Tissue (FCT). Fibroblasts (LCT) are separated by a collagen fiber- containing matrix. Collagen fibers provide elasticity and flexibility. LCT occurs beneath epithelium in skin and many internal organs, such as lungs, arteries and the urinary bladder. This tissue type also forms a protective layer over muscle, nerves, and blood vessels. Adipose tissue, shown in Figure 6, has enlarged fibroblasts storing fats and reduced
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Unformatted text preview: intracellular matrix. Adipose tissue facilitates energy storage and insulation. Fibrous Connective Tissue has many fibers of collagen closely packed together. FCT occurs in tendons , which connect muscle to bone. Ligaments are also composed of FCT and connect bone to bone at a joint. Cartilage and bone are "rigid" connective tissues. Cartilage, shown in Figure 7, has structural proteins deposited in the matrix between cells. Cartilage is the softer of the two "rigid" connective tissues. Cartilage forms the embryonic skeleton of vertebrates and the adult skeleton of sharks and rays. It also occurs in the human body in the ears, tip of the nose, and at joints such as the knee and between bones of the spinal column....
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Connective Tissu1 - intracellular matrix Adipose tissue...

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