Development in Tropical Regions

Development in Tropical Regions - value all make species...

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Development in Tropical Regions Human-caused environmental changes and extinctions are accelerating in the tropics. If this pace continues nearly half all species could be extinct by 2050. Development in tropical areas causes more extinctions due to the great diversity found in tropical rain forests (half all species on Earth). Tropical reefs are also under siege by water pollution, leading to even more extinctions. Nearly half the rain forests are gone already. By as early as 2010 (less than 15 years!) all rain forests will be gone if present trends of exploitation and human population growth continue. Species are not equally likely to suffer extinction. Cockroaches hav e been around for 300 million years essentially unchanged and probably will be around for millions more. Island species, species with limited habitats, low reproductive rates, high territory requirements, susceptibility to pollution, predators, and having economic
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Unformatted text preview: value: all make species susceptible to extinction. Ecosystems as Environmental Support Systems Species diversity is important to preserve because ecosystems are composed of species and provide us with so many of life's essentials, dismantle them and we have a real big problem: • Oxygen to breathe (for use in aerobic respiration. • Medicines (to augment the body's own immune defenses) • Food (which we as heterotrophic consumers in the food pyramid need). • Drinkable water (purified by microbial activity) How to Reduce Species Extinction and Destruction of the Biosphere | Conferences in 1992 and 1994 resulted in binding international treaties to control management of finite resources and population growth along with the resulting human impact on the biosphere....
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