Dinosaur2 - Brontosaurus which literally means"thunder lizard" The name"Brontosaurus" is invalid and the correct name is

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Dinosaurs Apatosaurus , once much better known as "Brontosaurus", was a herbivore from the Jurassic deposits in the western United States that ranged from 21 to 26 meters long, and had an estimated weight of between 30 and 35 tons. For over 100 years after its discovery, Apatosaurus skeleton was fitted with the wrong head. During the 1980s the error was discovered and the correct head (which had been descxribed separately from the skeleton) wwas attached. Owing to the rules of zoological nomenclature, the recponstructed fossil would take the name of the oldest described part, in this case the head. Thus paleontology lost a truly great scientific name,
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Unformatted text preview: Brontosaurus , which literally means "thunder lizard". The name "Brontosaurus" is invalid and the correct name is Apatosaurus . Naming was not the only error. Apatosaurus weighed over 30 tons when alive, and early paleontologists considered the animal too heavy to have lived on land. The frequently drew Apatosaurus living in water where the water would help support the animal's weight. In modern reconstructions of the the Apatosaurus environment the vegetation is not swampy but almost desert-like, and Apatosaurus is now considered to have been a fully terrestrial animal....
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