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Dinosaurs - ornoithischians are the so-called bird-hipped...

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Dinosaurs There have been other fossils interpreted as birds, specifically Protoavis from the Triassic of Texas and Confuscornis from the Jurassic of China. While some paleontologists accept Protoavis as representing a bird that is closer to modern birds than is Archaeopteryx , there is an equally large camp who consider Protoavis as an early dinosaur that had evolved several bird-like adaptations by convergent evolution. The consensus view is that the coelurosaurs are the dinosaurian group from which the "avian dinosaurs" evolved. Members of this group include the small predatory dinosaurs such as Compsognathus (again a star of the Jurassic Park movies), and Velociraptor . The ornithischian dinosaurs became more significant elements of the dinosaurian faunas during the Jurassic, and especially so during the Cretaceous period. The
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Unformatted text preview: ornoithischians are the so-called bird-hipped dinosaurs. However, the resemblance of hip structure between birds and this group is no longer considered evidence for the rise of birds from ornithischians, but as a result of convergent evolution. A major group of ornithischians during the Jurassic was the stegosaourids, exemplified by the genus Stegosaurus , the state dinosaur of Colorado. These quadrupedal animals sported spiked tails and large flat armor plates arrayed along the spine. These plates functioned for regulation of body heat. Stegosaurus was about 9 meters long and weighed about 2 tons. Even among dinosaurs it is noteworthy for its incredibly small brain....
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Dinosaurs - ornoithischians are the so-called bird-hipped...

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