Double Fertilization

Double Fertilization - endosperm tissue that will provide...

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Double Fertilization The process of pollination being accomplished, the pollen tube grows through the stigma and style toward the ovules in the ovary. The germ cell in the pollen grain divides and releases two sperm cells which move down the pollen tube. Once the tip of the tube reaches the micropyle end of the embryo sac, the tube grows through into the embryo sac through one of the synergids which flank the egg. One sperm cell fuses with the egg, producing the zygote which will later develope into the next- generation sporophyte. The second sperm fuses with the two polar bodies located in the center of the sac, producing the nutritive triploid
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Unformatted text preview: endosperm tissue that will provide energy for the embryo's growth and development. Pollen tube with haploid male gametophyte nuclei. Vegetative Propagation Many plants also have an asexual method of reproduction. Often some species, such as many orchids, are more frequently propagated vegetatively than via seeds. Tubers are fleshy underground stems, as in the Irish potato. Leaflets are sections of leaf will develop roots and drop off the plant, effectively cloning the plant. Runners are shoots running along or over the surface of the ground that will sprout a plantlet, which upon settling to the ground develop into a new independant plant...
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Double Fertilization - endosperm tissue that will provide...

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