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Environment and Gene Expression

Environment and Gene Expression - Environment and Gene...

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Environment and Gene Expression Phenotypes are always affected by their environment. In buttercup ( Ranunculus peltatus ), leaves below water-level are finely divided and those above water-level are broad, floating, photosynthetic leaf-like leaves. Siamese cats are darker on their extremities, due to temperature effects on phenotypic expression. Expression of phenotype is a result of interaction between genes and environment. Siamese cats and Himalayan rabbits both animals have dark colored fur on their extremities. This is caused by an allele that controls pigment production being able only to function at the lower temperatures of those extremities. Environment determines the phenotypic pattern of expression. Polygenic Inheritance Polygenic inheritance is a pattern responsible for many features that seem simple on the surface. Many traits such as height, shape, weight, color, and metabolic rate are governed by the cumulative effects of many genes. Polygenic traits are not expressed as absolute or discrete characters, as was the case with Mendel's pea plant traits. Instead, polygenic traits are recognizable by their expression as a gradation of small
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