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Identification, Description, and Research on Value of Species One of the first steps is to measure how much biodiversity there is. Diversity can be measured at different levels: genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity. Only 1.7 million species have been described, estimates place the total number of species at 100,000,000. Biologist E.O. Wilson has estimated that it would take the life's work on 25,000 specialists to completely study and describe the mostly undescribed tropical species. There are currently only 1500 specialists in tropical biology. Establishment of Preserves It is essential to preserve the habitat of endangered species. Once a species habitat has
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Unformatted text preview: been destroyed, it is difficult to successfully reestablish the species; no ecosystem has ever been completely rebuilt. Preserves are well established in Africa, Asia, and the developed countries, although they are not well established in Central and South America. Only 1% of the Earth's land surface has been set aside as preserves. Development of Laws and Regulations to Protect Endangered Species Poachers are difficult to catch and punish, especially in under developed countries. In 1975 a treaty made it illegal to trade or sell products from endangered species. The 1989 ban on sale of elephant ivory has been successful in slowing the decline in elephant populations....
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