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Kidney Stones - to cause the pituitary to release ADH into...

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Kidney Stones In some cases, excess wastes crystallize as kidney stones . They grow and can become a painful irritant that may require surgery or ultrasound treatments. Some stones are small enough to be forced into the urethra, others are the size of huge, massive boulders (or so I am told). Kidney Function Kidneys perform a number of homeostatic functions: 1. Maintain volume of extracellular fluid 2. Maintain ionic balance in extracellular fluid 3. Maintain pH and osmotic concentration of the extracellular fluid. 4. Excrete toxic metabolic by-products such as urea, ammonia, and uric acid. Hormone Control of Water and Salt Water reabsorption is controlled by the antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in negative feedback . ADH is released from the pituitary gland in the brain. Dropping levels of fluid in the blood signal the hypothalamus
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Unformatted text preview: to cause the pituitary to release ADH into the blood. ADH acts to increase water absorption in the kidneys. This puts more water back in the blood, increasing the concentration of the urine. When too much fluid is present in the blood, sensors in the heart signal the hypothalamus to cause a reduction of the amounts of ADH in the blood. This increases the amount of water absorbed by the kidneys, producing large quantities of a more dilute urine. Aldosterone , a hormone secreted by the kidneys, regulates the transfer of sodium from the nephron to the blood. When sodium levels in the blood fall, aldosterone is released into the blood, causing more sodium to pass from the nephron to the blood. This causes water to flow into the blood by osmosis. Renin is released into the blood to control aldosterone....
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