Life on Lan4 - series Spinosaurus the voracious carnivore...

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Life on Land The other great ornithischian group was the ceratopsians. These quadrupedal herbivores were characterized by a beak-like snout, horns above the eyes and possibly on the end of the nose, and some degree of a bony frill around the back of the skull. Triceratops is perhaps the most famous and well known of this group. Triceratops was about 8 meters long and weighed between 4 and 8 tons. Ceratopsians first evolved, possibly from an ornithopod ancestral group, at the beginning of the Cretaceous, some 140 million years ago. By the end of that geological period, ceratopsians were among the most common dinosaurs in the northern hemispjere. Triceratops in fact was one of the last of the nonavian dinosaurs. The saurischians of the Cretaceous included the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex (literally "tyrant king lizard "), as well as numerous smaller predatory dinosaurs such as the "raptors" popularized by the Jurassic Park
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Unformatted text preview: series. Spinosaurus , the voracious carnivore of Jurassic Park III was an African member of this group. In addition to the carnivores, Cretaceous sauropods existed, although diminished in size and abundance from their Jurassic forebearers. Perhaps no other dinosaur has inspired as many plush toys, tattoos, and awe as Tyrannosaurus rex . Sporting six inch long serrated teeth T. rex was a meat-eating machine. Tyrannosaurs ranged from 10-14 meters in length and weighed in at an estimated 5-7 tons, and were restricted to North America during the latest part of the Cretaceous period. The most famous T. rex , and possibly the most complete skeleton, was dubbed Sue. This fossil was the object of protracted legal fight before being sold to a group of Chicago Field Museum supporters for a reported $7 million. Sue is now on exhibit at that museum....
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Life on Lan4 - series Spinosaurus the voracious carnivore...

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