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Life on Lan5 - (although ducks lack teeth There were two...

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Life on Land Crocodiles, which had been around since the Triassic, produced a massive form, Deinosuchus , during the Cretaceous. This marine crocodile was over 20 feet long, and dwarfs the largest modern crocodile. The ornithischian dinosaurs during the Cretaceous evolved into a number of interesting groups. From bipedal ornithischians during the Jurassic, like Camptosaurus , the larger and more nimble ornithopods of the Cretaceous evolved. One of the first dinosaurs to be scientifically described was Iguanodon , a bipedal herbivore thought to have moved about in herds. Iguanodon was between 6 and 10 meters long and weighed around 5 tons.
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The hadrosaurs, commonly known as the duck-billed dinosaurs, are another group of ornithopods. These animals had hundreds of teeth in a bill reminiscent of a duck's bill
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Unformatted text preview: (although ducks lack teeth). There were two subgroups of hadrosaurs. The crested lambeosaurs, and the noncrested hadrosaurines. The latter group is exemplified by Maiasaura and Edmontosaurus . The lambeosaurs are exemplified by Parasaurolophus . Maiasaura , the "good mother lizard" has been extensively studied for its nesting and parental care. Another major group of Cretaceous ornithischians was the ankylosaurs, the armored, quadrupedal herbivores. Unlike the Jurassic stegosaurids, the armor covering on the back was more robust, as were the spikes behind the shoulders. In some ankylosaurs the tail terminated in a bony knob that might have been used to sweep the legs of predators, possibly even breaking bones....
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