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Origin of Apes and Hominid2

Origin of Apes and Hominid2 - and DNA evidence suggests a...

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Origin of Apes and Hominids The fossil record indicates primates evolved about approximately 30 million years ago in Africa. One branch of primates evolved into the Old and New World Monkeys, the other into the hominoids (the line of descent common to both apes and man). Fossil hominoids occur in Africa during the Miocene epoch of the Tertiary period. They gave rise to an array of species in response to major climate fluxes in their habitats. However, the nature of those habitats leads to an obscuration of the line that leads to humans (the hominids). Until a few years ago, the ramapiths were thought to have given rise to the hominids. We now consider ramapiths ancestral to the orangutang. The hominid line arose from some as-yet-unknown ancestor. Lacking fossil evidence, biochemical
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Unformatted text preview: and DNA evidence suggests a split of the hominid from hominoid line about 6 to 8 million years ago. Australopithecus afarensis , the first of the human-like hominids we know of, first appeared about 3.6-4 million years ago. This species had a combination of human (bipedalism) and apelike features (short legs and relatively long arms).The arm bones were curved like chimps, but the elbows were more human-like. Scientists speculate that A. afarensis spent some time climbing trees, as well as on the ground. Australopithecus ramidus is an older species, about 4.4 million years, and is generally considered more anatomically primitive than A. afarensis . The relationship between the two species remains to be solved....
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Origin of Apes and Hominid2 - and DNA evidence suggests a...

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