Paleobiology - form when the overlying sediment...

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Paleobiology : The Study of Fossils and Life That Once Was We divide fossils into body fossils and trace fossils (also known as ichnofossils). A body fossil is a part of (or in some cases the entire) body of the creature. In some rare cases the organic material of the creature remains in the fossil, but more often we get casts and molds that reveal the external and internal structure of the organism, but not original material. Trace fossils do not reveal much information about the anatomy of the creatures that made them, but instead offer glimpses of the activity and physiology of the creature. There are several types of body fossils that differ in the mode of preservation of the original material of the organism. Compressions
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Unformatted text preview: form when the overlying sediment "compresses" the organism into a flat layer. This results in some of the original organic material of the vreature being preserved., often as thin carbonaceous films. However, many times the organic amterial is further decayed, leaving only a "part and counterpart" detailing the external form of the creature. Casts and molds are a type of preservation where the original material decays, leaving a mold in surrounding rock that can be filled with another sediment (cast). Casts can be external or internal, the latter being known as steinkerns. Petrifaction is the literal "turning to stone" by replacement of organic matter with silica. Petrified wood forms by this process....
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Paleobiology - form when the overlying sediment...

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