Phylum - than $14 billion per year of these products are...

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Phylum Basidiomycota Mushrooms, toadstools, and puffballs are commonly encountered basidiomycetes . These conspicuous features of the fungi are the reproductive structures known as fruiting bodies (although they do NOT produce fruit, but rather, characteristic basidiospores). Sexual reproduction involves the formation of basidiospores on club- shaped cells known as basidia , as shown in Figure 6. Club fungi are important as commercial crops. They also cause many diseases that result in loss or reduction of grain yields. Agaricus bisporis is the common mushroom found in grocery stores as the white button mushroom, crimini mushroom, and the fabulous portabella mushroom. Lentinus edodes is the less commonly bought shitake mushroom (in my hobbitsh mushroom loving mid a tasty addition to food! [see J.R.R. Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring for an account of hobbit mushroom greed]). More
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Unformatted text preview: than $14 billion per year of these products are sold worldwide. Amanita is a fungal genus that cointains some of the most poisionous of all mushrooms. Amanita bisporigera , Amanita virosa , and Amanita verna are collectively referred to as the death angel. These fungi produce a small protein that affects the liver and kidney functions, producing death within five days unless transplantation can happen to replace the damaged organs. Amanita phalloides , shown in Figure 8, is also a deadly fungus. Not all species of this genus are deadly. Amanita muscaria , the fly agaric, will make you sick and have hallucinations if you are stupid enough to eat it (although this species has been associated with religious ceremonies, and possibly Viking ferocity in battle, in many parts of the Old World)....
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Phylum - than $14 billion per year of these products are...

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