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Populations - Populations Without variation(which arises...

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Populations Without variation (which arises from mutations of DNA molecules to produce new alleles ) natural selection would have nothing on which to act. A population is a group of individuals living in the same geographical area and sharing a common gene pool. Thegene pool is the sum of all genetic information carried by the members of a population. All genetic variation in a population is generated by mutation. Mutation is any heritable change in DNA. Mutations can be changes of a single nucleotide base or may involve changes in chromosome number. Whether a mutation is good, neutral, or harmful depends on how it affects survival and reproductive success. Population Genetics A population is a group of potentially interbreeding organisms of the same species occupying a certain area. Members of a population vary from one another. This variation is the raw material on which natural selection operates. There are several types of mutations, both at the gene-level and the chromosome- level. Gene mutations provide new alleles, making these mutations the ultimate source
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