Soils play a role

Soils play a role - and proteins. However, the nitrogen in...

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Soils play a role Soil is weathered, decomposed rock and mineral (geological) fragments mixed with air and water. Fertile soil contains the nutrients in a readily available form that plants require for growth. The roots of the plant act as miners moving through the soil and bringing needed minerals into the plant roots. Plants use these minerals in: 1. Structural components in carbohydrates and proteins 2. Organic molecules used in metabolism, such as the Magnesium in chlorophyll and the Phosphorous found in ATP 3. Enzyme activators like potassium, which activates possibly fifty enzymes 4. Maintaining osmotic balance Mycorrhizae, bacteria, and minerals Plants need nitrogen for many important biological molecules including nucleotides
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Unformatted text preview: and proteins. However, the nitrogen in the atmosphere is not in a form that plants can utilize. Many plants have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria growing in their roots: organic nitrogen as rent for space to live. These plants tend to have root nodules in which the nitrogen-fixing bacteria live. All the nitrogen in living systems was at one time processed by these bacteria, who took atmospheric nitrogen (N 2 ) and modified it to a form that living things could utilize (such as NO 3 or NO 4 ; or even as ammonia, NH 3 in the example shown below)....
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Soils play a role - and proteins. However, the nitrogen in...

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