The Carboniferous World

The Carboniferous World - The Permian period spanned the...

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The Carboniferous World The Carboniferous, at least as seen in North American deposits, is really two distinct sets of condiions: marine dominated early Carboniferous environments charactrized by shallow seas, followed in time by terrestrial "coal-swamp" environments of the late Carboniferous. The supercontinent of Pangaea was assembled during this time, causing the uplift of seafloor as continental land masses collided to build the Appalachian and other mountains.
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The Carboniferous Extinction Glaciation in Gondwana during the late Carboniferous time contributed to decline in marine environments and fluctuating sealevels that alternately formed and destroyed coastal coal swamp environments. There appears to have been no mass extinction associated with this glaciation, unlike the Devonian mass extinction. The Permian |
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Unformatted text preview: The Permian period spanned the time interval from 286 to 245 million years ago. During the Permian the assembly of Pangaea was completed and a whole host of new groups of organisms evolved. The Permian ended in the greatest of the mass extinctions, where over 90% of all species were extinguished. With the assembly of pangaea and resulting mountain building, many of the shallow seas retreated from the continents. Life in the Water The fusulinid foraminiferans that had appeard during the Carboniferous continued their diversification. Trilobites were rarely encountered, although brachiopods and crinoids had some recovery of species diversity after the Carboniferous extinction. Marine environments were much restructed due to the Pangaea-related tectonism and resulting uplift of the the supercontinent....
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The Carboniferous World - The Permian period spanned the...

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