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The Kingdoms of Life - belong to a separate kingdom Other...

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The Kingdoms of Life Linnaeus originally placed all living things into either the plant or animal kingdoms. As scientists learned more about the biology of many organisms, this constraining into two kingdoms became less and less defensible. Evolutionary theory and the cell theory provide us with a basis for the interrelation of all living things. We also utilize Linneus' hierarchical classification system, adopting (generally) five kingdoms of living organisms. Viruses , as discussed later, are not considered living. Recent studies suggest that there might be a sixth Kingdom, the Archaea. Monera Monera are the only kingdom composed of prokaryotic organisms, they have a cell wall, and lack both membrane-bound organelles and multicellular forms. The Archaebacteria, the most ancient of this kingdom, are so different that they may
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Unformatted text preview: belong to a separate kingdom. Other groups of Monera include the cyanobacteria (autotrophic) and eubacteria (heterotrophic). Protista The most ancient eukaryotic kingdom, protists include a variety of eukaryotic body (single-celled-colonial-multicellular?) and nutritional heterotrophic, autotrophic, and both) forms. Perhaps they are best defined as eukaryotes that are NOT fungi, animals, or plants. Fungi Fungi are a eukaryotic, heterotrophic, usually multicellular group having multinucleated cells enclosed in cells with cell walls. They obtain their energy by decomposing dead and dying organisms and absorbing their nutrients from those organisms. Some fungi also cause disease (yeast infections, rusts, and smuts), while others are useful in baking, brewing, as foods, drugs and sources for antibiotics....
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The Kingdoms of Life - belong to a separate kingdom Other...

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