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Factors affecting voter turnout: Cultural norms Partisan loyalty Legal considerations – how easy it is to vote Characteristics of election -closeness of race -major election issue (war, economy, scandal, etc) -charismatic (or lack of) personality Electoral Systems Single-member districts -One person elected from each district Proportional representation (PR) -Multiple people get elected from larger districts -Votes are generally cast for parties, not people -Number of seats from party depends on percentage of vote received
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Unformatted text preview: -Must get a minimum percentage to qualify for a seat-Example of PR: 10 member districts with 3 parties: A,B, and C-Party A-60%, B-20%, and C-20%-Party A gets 6 seats, B and C get 2 seats Difference between the two systems-PR favors smaller parties and more parties-Single-member leads to more moderate political parties-PR associated with higher voter turnout-Single-member generally more stable-PR leads to a consensual democracy-Single member leads to adversarial democracy...
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