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Tracheophytes: The Vascular Plants The vascular plants have specialized transporting cells xylem (for transporting water and mineral nutrients) and phloem (for transporting sugars from leaves to the rest of the plant). When we think of plants we invariably picture vascular plants. Vascular plants tend to be larger and more complex than bryophytes, and have a life cycle where the sporophyte is more prominent than the gametophyte. Vascular plants also demonstrate increased levels of organization by having organs and organ systems. The novel features oif the vascular plants are summarized in Table 2. Table 2. Major evolutionary advances of the vascular plants. Advance Green Algae Bryophytes Tracheophytes Development of the root-stem-leaf vascular system nonvascularized body (thallus) that may be variously shaped no levaes, shoots, or roots no vascular system leaflike structures are present, but lack any vascular tissue early vascular plants are
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Unformatted text preview: naked, rootless vascularized stems later vascular plants develop vascularized leaves, then roots Reduction in the size of the gametophyte generation wide range of life cycles, some gametophyte dominant, others sporophyte dominant sporophyte generation dependant on gametophyte generation for food; gametophyte is free-living and photosynthetic progressive reduction in size and complexity of the gametoiphyte generation, leading to its complete dependance on the sporophyte for food in angiosperms, 3 celled male gametophyte and a (usually) 8 celled female gametophyte Development of seeds in some vascular plants no seeds no seeds seed plants retain the female gametophyte on the sporophyte Spores/Pollen spores for resisting environmental degradation Spores that germinate into the gametophyte generation Spores that germinate into the gametophyte generation or spores that have the gametophyte generation develop within themselves...
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