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Shahzad 1 Zohaib Shahzad SPH 4U0 - C Mrs. Regular March 29 th , 2011 Modern Physics Reflection Modern physics has had a profound influence on many aspects of the human society. The numerous discoveries in science have fundamentally changed the conditions of our lives on earth in many beneficial ways. Most of the discoveries are derived from inventions in technology which have allowed humans to progress. Throughout this time, learning modern physics has unlocked my mind to the infinite possibilities and conjectures in which exist in our universe and reality. I have obtained extensive knowledge on Quantum Physics and this understanding of quantum mechanics has brought the way I see the world in a new light. Physics is a subdivision of science dedicated to studying patterns in the physical interactions of the observable universe. Without the knowledge we have of physics today, many applications of physics - such as electronics, mechanics, and so on would not exist. We would live without developed technology or advanced tools; a hammer, for instance, would be within our reach, as well as a slingshot, however a firearm or any other type of weaponry would be beyond us. Without the laws of physics, absolutely nothing would exist, however whatever initial state the universe began in; Big Bang theorists believe that this would be a large ball of hydrogen. During the early 19
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Modern Physics Reflection - wfw

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