Lesson 6 - Lauren Palomino PAR104 #36017 November 25, 2011...

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Lauren Palomino PAR104 #36017 November 25, 2011 LESSON 6 1. Contingent fees, value billing, and hourly billing are examples of what? --Answer below: Contingent fees, value billing and hourly billing are all methods of charging the clients for legal services. Contingent fees are what a law firm uses mostly in injury cases. The amount is different for each case because it is based on usually a certain percentage of the judgment paid when the outcome is in favor of their client. Value billing is when there are flat rates for each task that is needed. Hourly billing is the most commonly used method for most cases, which means the firm bills the client by the hour. 2. Can a client’s file be held by a lawyer who is owed money by that client and why? --Answer below: A client’s files cannot be “held hostage” for fees owed by the client because the files belong to them. Lawyers can’t hold the files even if it is written in the fee agreement. Lawyers have other options like retaining lien and charging lien on the files. 3. If a lawyer seeks compensation for a paralegal’s time, the application to the courts for fees should include what? --Answer below: Lawyers can seek compensation for the paralegals time that was spent working on the case through an application to the court. Application to the court should have all of the proper information when filing it. One piece of information that it needs to have is a detailed statement
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Lesson 6 - Lauren Palomino PAR104 #36017 November 25, 2011...

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