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lesson8 - Todays high demand for the convenience of the...

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Today’s high demand for the convenience of the internet gives opportunities for identity theft to be committed. The internet is an easy way to make purchases online and is convenient to apply for instant credit. The internet provides convenience for identity thieves to apply for instant credit and make purchases with stolen information they receive from many different sources like lost or stolen wallets, security breaches, dumpster diving, and the selling of personal information. If there were harsher punishments and security freezes it will prevent identity theft. It’s like what Stuart Pratt, president and CEO of the Consumer Data Industry Association, which represents credit-reporting agencies stated. “The credit-rating industry points out that while consumers may be upset about technology-assisted crime and loss of privacy, they like the convenience of merchants and banks being able to run instant credit checks at the point of purchase using the same kind of online credit information used by the thieves. Such convenience comes with hazards. We have to balance that
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