Lesson 5 - He had made a good point when he said It's the...

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Community Policing There is a controversy in today’s society regarding community policing and it being the best answer to the fight against crime. With today’s society focusing on crime, officers have to be smart in the way they try to keep crime rates low. In the past a cop’s job was much safer when the people were friendly and our country was strong, which also gave them the reputation of being powerful. In order to maintain that reputation some officers are trying to use community policing. A professor at Mount Holyoke College believes “Embedded in the concept of community policing is the belief that to solve crimes, the police need to have a close relationship with the community.”(Moran. pg. 20) Officers are trying to gain their respect back and that is by obtaining a friendly relationship with the communities. Richard Moran is a professor of sociology and criminology at Mount Holyoke College did a commentary on NPR’S regarding this topic of community policing.
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Unformatted text preview: He had made a good point when he said: It's the criminals with whom the police need to be friendly, not law-abiding citizens. Besides, it's often mistaken to speak about criminals and victims as if they were two distinct groups. Research has shown that there is considerable overlap between the two. Poverty, the breakdown of the family and the lack of jobs for unskilled workers are the root causes of crime. (Moran, pg. 20) With today’s society having such a hardship there are people who are committing crimes to do what they need to survive. That doesn’t mean it should go unpunished but if the cops continued using the community policing it will become a way to get those who need the help can. If police regained that relationship like in the past, it could lower the crime rate in today’s society. Work Cited Moran, Richard. “Pro/Con” Police Corruption. CQ Researcher : November 24, 1995 • Volume 5, Issue 44, Page 20...
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Lesson 5 - He had made a good point when he said It's the...

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