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midterm part 2 - to communicate. Since I wasnt really going...

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I used the DECIDE chart to help me with making my decisions before I started writing my email for part one of the midterm exam. First I “Defined” exactly what I needed to include in the email. Having the role of the “Initiator” I figured ways I to fulfill the part accurately. I gathered my notes and figured out what information I needed to include in Part 1 of this study plan. My role was to initiate the communication amongst the group and make suggestion on how a group should communicate in order to be successful. I looked at my notes regarding group communicating and what are the effective ways. Once I defined what I was going to put in my email I then figured out who I was writing the email to. This step was “Evaluate Receiver.” I asked myself the following questions when I was practicing metacommunication and what I did to it. Who was the email going to be sent to? I anticipated what the questions other group members would have if they were to respond that way I communicated in a way to understand. I adapted to the group as if they may be unaware of how
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Unformatted text preview: to communicate. Since I wasnt really going to hear responses or feedback I just used my imagination. The decisions I made regarding what I included in my email was based on metacommmunication. I knew what my purpose was and I knew how I was going to present it. I analyzed who my audience was and how I should put it in my email so that others would understand. I didnt know anyone or exactly what they know about communicating in a group so I worded it as if they werent informed. Once I figured the method I was going to use I began to write my email. Metacommunication was the key to how I presented my email. I tried to show the group the importance of using effective communication in order to reach our goal. I know the group will accomplish the task because of my suggestions to the group regarding how we should communicate. The group will be able to understand after reading my email and we would have been able to complete our tasks by following my suggestions....
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